• Color: CHARCOAL; Multiple pyramid wedge comes in tiles (2 pyramid wedges = 1 tile)
  • Size: 2" x 12" x 12" ; Noise Reduction: 80-90%
  • Eliminates Standing Waves And Flutter Echoes ; Reduces Unwanted Reflections; Reduces Unwanted Reflections
  • Good for studios, recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms.
  • Product Care: Occasional Vacuuming of Dust
  • Product description

    2" PREMIUM PYRAMID ACOUSTICS is an effective sound deadener for standing waves and flutter echoes, especially when used with ACOUSTIC CORNER BASS TRAPS. It also reduces slap-back and room ring when used in medium-sized areas like isolation booths, recording booths, control rooms, and sound studios.:: With its straight-cut sides, these Pyramid Acoustic Foams can easily be arranged side by side on a flat surface area (walls). ::: FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES, can also be arranged side-by-side with the 2-inch ACOUSTIC WEDGES.; ACOUSTIC FOAM (polyurethane foam) to remove reverberation and sound reflections, provide sound insulation industrial and domestic applications suitable for sound studios. Unlike polyurethane foam, fiberglass and rock wool have health risks. The use of glass wool and rock wool require the use of protective gloves to prevent skin problems. ::: This product can be used as acoustic cover for walls, ceilings and doors and other various places such as theaters or movie theaters, recording studios, and other busy and crowded places such as gyms, subways, stations, offices, schools, and other areas. This product is great for voice and video recording, especially for Youtube.

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[8 PACK] Premium PYRAMID 2-inch Acoustic Foam Studio Soundproofing & Sound Isolation Wall Tiles 12 X 12 X 2 Inches for iTunes and Youtube Recording, Made in USA

  • Brand: Mybecca
  • Product Code: B014LU01CQ
  • $13.99