Mybecca Upholstery Foam Cushion New High Density Seat Replacement, Upholstery Sheet, Foam Padding , New and comfortable soft technology

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Tired of Polyester pillow filling that needs to be changed every now and then just to keep your bolster fluffy and firm? TRY THE NEW MEMORY AND SOFT FOAM PILLOW INSERTS! With a combination of firmness and softness, these foam pillow inserts will last 1-2 years depending on usage. Given a choice between the ultra-comfortable MEMORY FOAM and the SOFT OPEN-CELL FOAM, you can have your pick on which caters to your needs perfectly! These foam pillow inserts can be used as sitting posture aid on the couch or in a car to maintain lumbar curve and to lower back pressure; or as leg bolsters if you like sleeping sideways or just want your bed edges protected--as with babies. Available in 2 different sizes, this product is unisex and can be used by infants, babiles, children, teenages, and adults! ::: ALSO AVAILABLE IN MEMORY FOAM ::: NOTE: Cover NOT included. ::: Product Care: Do occasional vaccuuming and/or air the foam every now and then. ::: Decorative Suggestion: Use suede, cotton, linen, or satin for cover.

  • Higher density firm quality foam is designed for heavy traffic
  • Do not let the foam sit unopened for more than 1 week
  • Durability - will last 7 to 10 years care instructions